jette clover

fiber art and mixed media

Public Collections:

Museum of Art & Design, New York, NY

Nordwolle Museum, Delmenhorst, Germany

Verbeke Foundation, Kemzake, Belgium

National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY

Braintree District Museum, Braintree, UK

Museo de Collage, Cuernevaca, Mexico

Museum Arte Colle, Plemet, France

Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History, Weston, MA

Roundhill Financial Management, Titusville, FL

Durango Arts Center, Colorado

The Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram, Texas

The Center for Adult Education, Melbourne, Australia

Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, Boone, NC

International Quilt Festival/ Karey Bresenhan, Houston, TX

Puki Ariki Museum, New Plymouth, New Zealand

ICSC, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

Michigan University Art Museum, MI

Quiltmania, France

Krusemark Gmbh., Mühlheim, Germany

Tsanko Lavreno National School of Fine Arts, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Many private collections in the US, Europe and Australia.


Quilts=Art=Quilts, Honorable Mention, 2016

The Quilt Japan Prize, Carrefour, Alsace, France, 2015

Text On Textiles, IQF Houston, TX, Honorable Mention, 2011

The Art Quilt Experience, NY, Jonathan Holstein juror award, 2011

Art QuiltsTransitions, Durham Art Center, NC, Honorary Mention, 2009

Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK, 3rd prize Miniature quilts

Art QuiltsCultures, Page Walker Art Center, Cary, NC, Juror’s Award 2008

9th Quilt Nihon Japan,  Magic Patch Award 2008

Form Not Function, IN, Merit Award,  2005

AQ@Sedgwick, PA, Surface Design Award 2004, 

Beyond the Bed, Paso, FL, Merit Award 2003

7th Quilt Nihon Japan, Art Quilt Magazine Award, 2003

Exhibition Highlights (Selected exhibitions since 2000):


Trienniale Mini Textile, Sofia, Bulgaria


Text en Textiel (solo), Galerie HAWAR, Oldeberkoop, NL

A Voice in Stitches (solo) Galerie Zone, Leiden, NL

Wide Horizon VIII/SAQA, EPM, Alsace, France (traveling 2022-2024)

Haven/ SAQA, Quilt Festival Houston, TX (traveling 2022-2025)

Finding Your Thread, Timeless Textiles Gallery, Newcastle, Australia 


Wide HorizonVII/ SAQA, EPM, Alsace, France (traveling 2021-2023)


Linguistic Marks (duo exhibit), Timeless Textiles Gallery, Newcastle, Australia

Material Evidence, Quilt Art group, Menier Gallery, London, UK (traveling 2019 - 2024)

Traces, Quilt Art group, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK (traveling 2019 - 2024)

Vorm en Taal (duo exhibit), High Five Art Gallery,Baarle-Nassau, the Netherlands

edge 8, Sunderland Gallery, Omaha, NE, US


Words (solo), Schwaebische Kunstzomer 2018, Irsee, Germany

Nature of the Stitch, Sheehan Gallery, Walla Walla, WA, US

Wide Horizon VI, SAQA Europe, Alsace, France (traveling 2018-2019)

Quilt Visions: Connections, Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA, US


Dialogues/ Quilt Art, Int. Quilt Study Center, Lincoln, NE

Eye Talk 2 (duo exhibition), Gallery Aahuset, Uppsala, Sweden

Made In Europe 1/ Saqa, AQS Daytona Beach, FL (traveling 2017-2019)

International Textile Biennale, Kunststichting Perspectief, Haacht, Belgium

Layered Voices/ Saqa, Int. Quilt Study Center, Lincoln, NE (traveling 2017-2019)

Significant Stitches (solo), Het Wevershuis, Leiden, the Netherlands

Stitched Up, The Lock-Up Space, Newcastle, Australia

Grande Finale, Historisch Museum de Beverlanden, Goes, the Netherlands

A Portrait - Through Our Hands, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK

On the Verge - edge 7, Alice G. Sabatini Gallery, Topeka, KS

Interpretations - Conversations, Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA


The Quilt & Stitch Show, Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

Wide Horizons V/ SAQA, Carrefour, Alsace, France, traveling 2016-2017

Break Out: Quilt Visions 2016, Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA, US

Quilts=Art=Quilts, Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY, USA

edge 6, Sunderland Gallery, Omaha, NE

Fine Art Quilt Masters, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK


6th European Quilt Triennale, Max Berk Museum, Heidelberg, Germay, traveling 2015-2016

Maker, Making, Made/ Through Our Hands group, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK

The Liberated Quilt/ Through Our Hands group, Bilston Craft Gallery, Bilston, UK

Small Talk, 30 Years Quilt Art, Festival of Quilts, Birmigham, UK, traveling 2015-2017

Dialogues, 30 Years Quilt Art, Max Berk Museum, Heidelberg, Germany, traveling 2015-2017

The Text is the Image (solo) Galerie Zone, Leiden, Netherlands

Textiel Biennale 2015, Kunststichting Perspektief, Haacht, Belgium


Wide Horizons IV/ SAQA Val d'Argent, Alsace, France, traveling 2014-16

European Art Quilts VIII, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK, traveling 2014-16

Architectuur'Elles, Le Mans, France

Mindful Landscapes/ edge 5, The Sunderland Gallery Omaha, NE


Quilt National, Dairy Barn, Athens, Ohio, US, traveling 2013-15

Calligraffiti (solo), Nordwolle Museum, Delmenhorst, Germany

Woorden op Wanden (solo), galerie Waterloo 35, Antwerpen, Belgium

Fabrications (solo), Nadelwelt, Karlsruhe, Germany

Art Quilts in Nederland, Gouda, the Netherlands

Quilt Art in Russia, the Quilt Art group, Tsarritsyne Museum, Moscow, Russia


Voices/Quilt Art, Bovey Tracey, Devon, UK, traveling 2012-14

Synchronicity, HighWire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Art Quilt Elements 2012, Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA

Taiwan Int. Quilt Exhibition, Tainan City and Taichung, Taiwan

European Art Quilts VII, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK , traveling 2012-14

5th European Quilt Triennial, Heidelberg, Germany, traveling 2012/2013

Wide Horizon III/ SAQA, Val d'Argent, France, traveling  2 years

Seasonal Palette/ SAQA, IQF Houston, TX, traveling 2012-16


Celebrate, 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Nat. Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY

The Art Quilt Experience, The Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, Cazenovia, NY

Letters, Words and Sentences, (solo) Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK

Urban Landscapes, Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA


Small Notes – Big Stories (solo), Lugano, Switzerland

Quilt Visions 2010: No Boundaries, Oceanside Museum of Art, CA

European Art Quilts VI, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK, travelig 2010/2012

Quilt Art @ 25, Bankfield, Halifax, UK, traveling 2010-2013

Quilt Art: International Expressions, Minnetrista Cultural Center, Muncie, IN, traveling 2010-15

A Slice of Quilt Art, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK, traveling 2010-14

35/35 Contemporary European Art Quilts, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Art Quilt Elements 2010, Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA

Kleine Berichten-Grote Verhalen, baquba ( 3 person show) traveling in the Netherlands and Belgium 2010/2011

Wide Horizon II/ SAQA, Val d’Argent, France


SAQA @ 20, Art & Excellence, Houston, TX, traveling 2 years

4th European Quilt Triennale, Heidelberg, Germany traveling 2009/2010

Taiwan International Quilts 2009, Tainan City Taiwan

Reflections/ Transformations 09, FoQ, Birmingham, UK, traveling


Masters: Art Quilts I, IQA, Houston, TX,  traveling 2 years

European Art Quilts V, FoQ, Birmingham, UK, traveling 2008-10

Quilt Visions 2008, Oceanside Museum, CA

Urban Poetry, (solo) Gallery Imagering, Malmoe, Sweden

Wide Horizons, SAQA/Europe, Val d’Argent, France

Icons & Images, Transformations 08/SAQA, traveling

9th Quilt Nihon, Tokyo, Japan traveling


QA22, the Quilt Art group, traveling in UK, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands

Reconstructions (solo) Gallery Quiltstar, Freiburg, Germany    

Artextures 4, Paris, France, traveling 2 years

Reverberations/Transformations 07/ SAQA, F of Q, Birmingham, UK (traveling)


Visions 2006, Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA  

Inscriptions (solo), Bad Saulgau, Germany

3rd European Art Quilt Triennial, Heidelberg, Germany, traveling 2006/2007

European Art Quilts IV, Lyon, France, traveling 2006-2008

Transformations I/ SAQA, F of Q, Birmingham, UK, traveling

Art Quilts @ Sedgwick 06, Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA


Keeping Track of Time (solo) Atlantic Art Center, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

In Pursuit of Yellow (solo), Museum of Arts & Science, Melbourne, Florida

QA20, the Quilt Art group, traveling in UK, the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, France, Japan, Canada

Form Not Function, Carnegie Center of Art, New Albany, IN


Visions 2004, Oceanside Museum, San Diego, CA

Art Quilts @ Sedgwick 04, Philadelphia, PA

Art Quilts at Whistler, Lowell, MA


Transatlantic Dialog (2 pesons show), Textile Museum, Herning, Denmark

Re-Interpretations, the Quilt Art group, Braintree Museum, Essex, UK (traveling)

Fiber Artists, The Artist Museum, Washington DC

7th Quilt Nihon, Tokyo, Japan


Quilts & Collages (solo), Gallery Minos, Cocoa, Florida

Six Continents of Quilts, Museum of Art & Design, New York, traveling

Art Quilts@ Sedgwick 02, Philadelphia, PA


Urban Walls (solo) Val d’Argent, France

Moving On, the Quilt Art group, traveling in UK, Germany and the Netherlands

European Art Quilts II, Museum NCH, Breda, the Netherlands, traveling 2001/2003

CQ96, (3 person show), Galerie Zone, Leiden, the Netherlands

Traditions & Innovations, Museum of Decorative Applied Art, Riga. Latvia


Miniartextil, Como, Italy

Out of Time, Museum of Quilts & Textiles, San Jose, CA

Mood Indigo, New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA

1st European Quilt Triennial, Heidelberg, Germany, traveling 2000/2001


A selection of books and catalogs:

Material Evidence & Traces, Quilt Art group, 2019

50 Years of Art Quilts, SAQA, Martha Sielman, 2018

Interpretations: Conversations, Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA, 2017

European Art Quilts Grande Finale, Breda, the Netherlands, 2017 

Artistry in Fiber: Wall Art, vol. 1, Schiffer Publishing, Arglen, PA, 2017

Stitched Up, The Lock-Up Space, Newcastle, Australia, 2017

Layered Voices/ Saqa, 2017

International Textile Biennale, Kunststichting Perspectief, Haacht, Belgium 2017

Break-Out: Quilt Visions 2016

Tranquility & Turmoil/ SAQA, 2016

Wide Horizons/ SAQA Europe, 2016

Catalogue Prestige, Ste Marie aux Mines, France, 2015 

6th European Quilt Triennale, Heidelberg, Germany, 2015

Portfolio, Through Our Hands, UK 2015

Dialogues & Small Talk, Quilt Art group 30 years, UK 2015

European Art Quilts VIII, Netherlands 2014

In Search of Perfection, Quilt Art group, Moscow, Russia, 2013

Quilt National, Dairy Barn, Athens, OH, 2013

Text in Textiles, by Sara Impey, Batsford, UK, 2013

Art Quilts in Nederland, by Henk Lijding, Wbooks, the Netherlands, 2013

Textiles: The Art of Mankind, by Mary Schoeser, Thames & Hudson, UK, 2012

Textielleeft, by Ellen Bakker, the Netherlands, 2012

The Copeland Collection, vol 2, Plymouth, New Zealand, 2012

Seasonal Palette/ SAQA, Storrs, CT, 2012

TIQE '12, Taiwan, 2012

Art Quilt Elements 2012, Wayne, PA

European Art Quilts VII, Netherlands, 2012

5th European Quilt Triennale, Germany, 2012

Connecting Design to Stitch, by Sandra Meech, Batsford, UK, 2012

Eine Welt im Stoff – zum Quadrat, by Dörte Bach, Germany, 2012

The Art Quilt Experience, The Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, NY 2011

State of the Art Quilt, by Sandra Sider, NY, 2011

Voices, Quilt Art group, UK, 2011

Colour In Art Quilts, by Janet Twinn, Batsford, UK, 2011

Kleine Berichten-Grote Verhalen, Belgium 2010

European Art Quilts VI, Netherlands, 2010

SAQA @ 20, Art & Excellence, 2009 

4th European Quilt Triennale, Heidelberg, Germany, 2009

Transformations 09: Reflections, SAQA 2009

Connecting Art to Stitch, by Sandra Meech, Batsford, UK, 2009

The Copeland Collection, Plymouth, New Zealand, 2009

Visions 2008, Quilt Visions, San Diego, CA, 2008

Masters: Art Quilts. Major Works By Leading Artists. Lark Books, CA, 2008

European Art Quilts V, the Netherlands, 2008

Transformations 08: Icons & images, SAQA, Storrs, CT, 2008

The 9th Quilt Nihon Exhibition, Japan, 2007

Quilt Art 22, Quilt Art group, 2007

Dutch Quilt / Quilt in Beeld, Ria van Els-Dubelaar, the Netherlands, 2007

Transformations 07: Reverberations. SAQA, Storrs, CT, 2007

Visions 2006, Quilt Visions, San Diego, CA

European Art Quilts IV,  the Netherlands, 2006

Transformations 06 / SAQA, 2006

Art Quilts @ the Sedgwick, Philadelphia, PA, 2006

Quilt Art 20. The Quilt Art group, 2005

Six Continents of Quilts, Museum of Art & Design, New York/ Japan, 2005 

Visions 2004, Quilt Visions, CA

Art Quilts @ the Sedgwick, Philadelphia, PA, 2004

Fiberarts Design Book 7,  Lark Books, CA, 2004

Contemporary Quilts, Design, Surface and Stitch, Sandra Meech, Batsford, UK, 2003

Re-Interpretations. Quilt Art group, 2003

Art Quilts @ the Sedgwick, Philadelphia, PA, 2003

7th Quilt Nihon exhibition, Japan, 2003

European Art Quilts II,  the Netherlands, 2001

Moving On, Quilt Art, UK, 2000

2000 Miniartextil, Como, Italy, 2000

1st European Quilt Triennale, Heidelberg, Germany, 2000

5th Quilt Nihon, Tokyo, Japan, 1998

A selection of magazine articles and print and online interviews:

The Textile Curator (interview) April 2019

Inspirational # 24, (interview) John Hopper, March 2019  

State of Fiber Art in the Netherlands, Diane Franklin, Fiber Art Now, vol 7, issue 1, Fall 2017

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